Sunday, November 20, 2016

Baby Puzzles - New Baby A-OK Pattern

Happy Thanksgiving Week all of my Quilting Lovelies!

My Turkey Banner... wish I knew where it was!
I seem to have misplaced it.  

I am so thankful for so many things.  I know that I am blessed is every area of my life.  This week I will host Thanksgiving dinner for my family and I am super excited.  Alanna (my 10 year old niece) told me that her favorite part of coming to my house is when we all sit at the table for dinner together.  Who says kids don't appreciate traditions and family time?  With comments like that, this Tia will continue to make sure we all gather at the table for our meals... even if it is takeout pizza (which it is sometimes).

My wish for all of you is a week full of thankful reflection, peace and love.  It is a beautiful time of year and we are alive to enjoy it.


It was time for a new baby pattern.  Our newest is called PUZZLES and looks just like one!  It may look complicated, but it is all strip pieced with minimal matching... yes, let me say that again.  Minimal matching + strip piecing = SUPER FAST QUILT!  I made this one in just a few hours on retreat.  I hope you like it.


Since the quilt turned out so stinking cute in the School Days fabrics, let's put them on sale.

This includes all things School Days: strips, fat quarters, yardage, kits and bundles.  The sale will continue through Sunday, October 27th.  So you can order after your turkey coma and still have time to finish the quilt as a gift for the holidays.

ALSO we have a new video that explains the A-OK method of choosing fabrics.  Check it out here:

Have a wonderful week!  Gobble Gobble!


Saturday, November 5, 2016

New Fabric!

Hello all my quilting friends!  I hope you are enjoying every day and finding reasons to smile.  I just transformed my home from Halloween to Thanksgiving decor.  Fall decor is my favorite.  Pumpkins, scarecrows and turkeys.  I could leave this stuff out all year and be happy.  Okay... maybe not.  But the colors are the best.  

It is just a few weeks until Thanksgiving.  It is MY holiday.  I host and celebrate with family.  Turkey, ham and sides - all the favorites.  Here is a confession: I do not care for turkey.  I love the stuffing and gravy that it produces, but that is about it.  Michael and Christian are turkey fanatics.  Addison and I prefer ham.  Therefore, we do both.  Everyone has their own favorites and we try to make sure we cover all the bases.  Best part, I won't cook the rest of the week.  Leftovers are available whenever to whomever.  It leaves me with time to decorate for Christmas.  Why?  If it doesn't happen that weekend when I am off, it won't happen at all!  

What are your traditions? Favorite dishes?

I will post a blog showing our preparations, food, decor and of course celebrating!

Now, for the new FABRIC!  

Did you feel a lit bit of excitement reading those words?  I know I always do!  When a new box shows up, it is so fun to get my hands on it: love it, touch it, pet it.  

DESERT BLOOM had me right away.  The graphic florals are bright and modern.  

​We of course have LOTS of ideas for these gorgeous prints.  

There are charm squares:

Fat Quarter Packs:

Five Yard Bundles:

and Quilt Kits:


As always, order a five yard bundle and choose a FREE A-OK Pattern.  Look at you, making your own kit. 

Enjoy your week!  Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Twitter.  


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