Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Slipped! A new A-OK 5 yard quilt pattern from Quiltin' Tia

It doesn't look bad, but it is really slick! 

Ice Day - Stay at Home Fun Day!

Happy Snow Day my friends!  Today is our second day off due to ice.  Michael got to work fine yesterday, but didn't make it off our street today (either did some other cars) and had to come home.  We should get above freezing today for a few hours, but more snow is supposed to come in tonight.  Could it happen?  Could we get three days off?

Don't be fooled by the picture - the ground has black ice on it and is frozen solid.  The trucks that treat streets and freeways do not come out this far.  We live on a curvy street about one mile from the main road. 


New Pattern!

I had a new pattern ready to go last weekend - written, tested, done!  So, with today a work at home day, I thought let me share this with my quilting buddies.  I think it was destined to be released today - it is called "Slipped."  It is just coincidence that today is a slippery ice day - the pattern was named weeks ago! 

The pattern uses the A-OK method of choosing 5 one yard cuts to make the quilt.  It finishes 57" x 72", not a bad size!  I made it in a weekend.  A real weekend.  One where you cook and clean, not like a retreat weekend (there is a difference).  I love how quickly it went together!  The blocks are off-set and there is no matching.  That helps speed things up for sure!  You will have to match your rows but that is no big whoop!  They finish at 11" each. 

The pattern can be ordered through our website www.quiltintia.com.  The kit is also available using the fabrics shown.  There are two 30s bundles available as well.

30s Bundle - 5 one yard cuts

30s Bundle - 5 one yard cuts





Below are a few more fabric design choices for the new pattern:

I hope you like the new design!  Now I think I will go make a cup of tea, my new favorite (recipe below) and play some video games with my son.  

Enjoy your week and be sure to find some time for you!

Tia (Susan)

Yolanda's Caffeine Free Chai Tea

Many of you know I am off of caffeine, but do miss my Starbucks drinks.  My friend Yolanda told me about this and I am hooked big time.

1 or 2 Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice Tea Bags
Boiling Water
1/2 tsp raw organic honey
Splash of Almond Milk (or soy, or cashew - whatever you like)

Pour boiling water over the tea bag and let steep for at least 5 minutes.  I like mine strong.  Remove bag and add honey and milk.  Stir.  

The spices warm you from the inside out!  I brought a hot water pot to my classroom so I can make tea throughout the day.  So great on a cold day. 

Or on our website: www.quiltintia.com


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday!

Chicken Chili is simmering!
Happy Football Day!  Yes, today is the Super Bowl and no one in my house is very excited.  Michael asked if he HAD to watch the game.  Whatever!  I, of course, have no horse in the race so it really doesn't matter to me.  Except, I would like to see the Patriots get spanked as punishment for what they have done to my Chargers over the years... grrrrr... 

Knowing that the game will not hold my interest, I have prepared some work
to do while watching.  I have my new adapted four week menu rotation to work on (more on that in a future post), a new design, and my master grocery shopping list.  The chili is simmering, the salad and new dressing are chilling in the fridge (recipe links at the end of the blog).  I made chicken for tomorrow's curry (saves me about 30 minutes on prep time).

I am prepared to sit on the couch in front of the fire, watch commercials and the halftime show.  Of course only until halftime is over - then it will probably be my bed time.  Yes, I live a very EXCITING life! 

I am not big on "unofficial holidays" and this for sure is one.  But, it is fun to hang out with family or friends and share some entertainment.  Isn't that what it is all about anyway?

Enjoy your Day!  

Sam's Chicken Chili

Food Babe's Japanese Restaurant Style Salad Dressing

Chicken Curry - I use the whole can of coconut milk and red chili powder

Ginger Cookies - I made these yesterday and they were super good.  Not bad for a healthy alternative!