Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Devon on sale - 40% off

See below on how you can make an entire quilt (backing and binding included for $62.94)

Devon is on sale this week, 40% off.  This includes yardage and bundles. Let me explain how this can translate into a FANTASTIC deal for you!

Mission - to make a quilt using this great Devon fabric

1. You will need a five yard bundle, $29.99
2. Pick an A-OK Pattern - FREE with the purchase of the bundle
Any A-OK Pattern - all will work with the bundle
3. Choose a backing (always 4 yards for any A-OK pattern) $26.36
4. Choose a binding (always 1 yard for any A-OK pattern) $6.59

Grand Total (before tax and shipping) $62.94



Sale prices are valid through Sunday, December 11th (while supplies last). 
Hope you have a wonderful week!  


Sunday, November 20, 2016

Baby Puzzles - New Baby A-OK Pattern

Happy Thanksgiving Week all of my Quilting Lovelies!

My Turkey Banner... wish I knew where it was!
I seem to have misplaced it.  

I am so thankful for so many things.  I know that I am blessed is every area of my life.  This week I will host Thanksgiving dinner for my family and I am super excited.  Alanna (my 10 year old niece) told me that her favorite part of coming to my house is when we all sit at the table for dinner together.  Who says kids don't appreciate traditions and family time?  With comments like that, this Tia will continue to make sure we all gather at the table for our meals... even if it is takeout pizza (which it is sometimes).

My wish for all of you is a week full of thankful reflection, peace and love.  It is a beautiful time of year and we are alive to enjoy it.


It was time for a new baby pattern.  Our newest is called PUZZLES and looks just like one!  It may look complicated, but it is all strip pieced with minimal matching... yes, let me say that again.  Minimal matching + strip piecing = SUPER FAST QUILT!  I made this one in just a few hours on retreat.  I hope you like it.


Since the quilt turned out so stinking cute in the School Days fabrics, let's put them on sale.

This includes all things School Days: strips, fat quarters, yardage, kits and bundles.  The sale will continue through Sunday, October 27th.  So you can order after your turkey coma and still have time to finish the quilt as a gift for the holidays.

ALSO we have a new video that explains the A-OK method of choosing fabrics.  Check it out here:

Have a wonderful week!  Gobble Gobble!


Saturday, November 5, 2016

New Fabric!

Hello all my quilting friends!  I hope you are enjoying every day and finding reasons to smile.  I just transformed my home from Halloween to Thanksgiving decor.  Fall decor is my favorite.  Pumpkins, scarecrows and turkeys.  I could leave this stuff out all year and be happy.  Okay... maybe not.  But the colors are the best.  

It is just a few weeks until Thanksgiving.  It is MY holiday.  I host and celebrate with family.  Turkey, ham and sides - all the favorites.  Here is a confession: I do not care for turkey.  I love the stuffing and gravy that it produces, but that is about it.  Michael and Christian are turkey fanatics.  Addison and I prefer ham.  Therefore, we do both.  Everyone has their own favorites and we try to make sure we cover all the bases.  Best part, I won't cook the rest of the week.  Leftovers are available whenever to whomever.  It leaves me with time to decorate for Christmas.  Why?  If it doesn't happen that weekend when I am off, it won't happen at all!  

What are your traditions? Favorite dishes?

I will post a blog showing our preparations, food, decor and of course celebrating!

Now, for the new FABRIC!  

Did you feel a lit bit of excitement reading those words?  I know I always do!  When a new box shows up, it is so fun to get my hands on it: love it, touch it, pet it.  

DESERT BLOOM had me right away.  The graphic florals are bright and modern.  

​We of course have LOTS of ideas for these gorgeous prints.  

There are charm squares:

Fat Quarter Packs:

Five Yard Bundles:

and Quilt Kits:


As always, order a five yard bundle and choose a FREE A-OK Pattern.  Look at you, making your own kit. 

Enjoy your week!  Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Twitter.  


Check us out on facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/QuiltinTiaQuiltworks

Sunday, October 30, 2016

New Pattern and A SALE - Double Fun!

Hello all of my quilting lovelies!  

Happy Halloween!
I am back from retreat with my quilting friends.  Twelve of us spent four days together quilting, laughing and eating.  All wonderful pastimes for me!  But, at first I wasn't sure I could go...

We arrived just in time for dinner.  We were greeted with hugs and welcomes.  I was able to set up my stuff and sew a bit, but was really exhausted.  Each retreat house is different.  This one slept four to a room and the work area was well lit and spacious, truly one of the nicest set ups I have seen.  But there is more than just quilting going on at those retreats.  Friends help keep you in check, see what you don't and love on you all the same.  

I have been working some LONG hours.  My workload has increased and sadly my day still had the same 24 hours it always did.  I knew retreat was coming.  I began to dread it.  I originally wanted to take Thursday and Friday off, but knew this would not be possible.  I worked 11 hour days leading up to Thursday, telling myself it was okay to take a day.  I stressed about leaving.  I stressed packing and preparing food.  All because there simply weren't enough hours in the day to do it all.  Mom and I left Thursday afternoon.  I was exhausted and brought work with me.  

Friday morning my roommates told me I tossed and turned all night.  I talked in my sleep and it was obvious I was in pain.  I also snored.  Good Lord - the embarrassment!  I knew I was tired, but did not know that it was taking such a toll on me.  I apologized and felt horrible that they had to endure my disruptions.  I did my work on Friday morning that I brought to do, but did not touch it again the rest of the weekend.  

The longer I was there, the more I relaxed.  I sewed like a madwoman.  But took time to talk with friends.  We caught up, shared and supported one another.  We laughed, cried, and all the while sewed little pieces of fabric into masterpieces.  Talk about a therapy session!

Moral of the story: Make time to relax even when you think you can't.  And if you can do it with a bunch of other quilters, the benefits are ten fold.

Now let's talk about this new pattern!  

On retreat I sat across from Nancy.  We spent some quality sewing time together.  When I pulled out my apricot and persimmon fabrics Nancy loved them!  I wasn't that excited about the project, but something happens when you have a cheerleader.  You start to get excited yourself.  Nancy would give me encouraging words as I worked on my quilt.  By the time I was done, I had a much higher opinion of the design AND the fabrics!  I now was proud of my quilt and thought it was beautiful, too.  For all of that, Nancy earned the title of the pattern.  I hope you all like it as much as we did.

Well what do you think?  I have created some others for you out of the other fabric bundles we have... check these out (from left to right: Devon, Era of Jane Collection Blue, Botanique Multi, Hideaway)!


Remember - every five yard bundle gets a FREE A-OK pattern of YOUR choice!  Just put the title of your desired pattern in the comments section at checkout.  You could have an entire quilt kit for just $39.99!  Super cool!  

I hope you find some time to relax, to laugh, to cry to be with your friends and family.  Recharge - in whatever way you need - just do it.  

Enjoy every day my lovelies!


We have wonderful ideas on our website - check it out www.quiltintia.com

Saturday, September 17, 2016

School Days - Lots of Ideas


School Days - So many possibilities!

Hello my quilting lovelies!  I hope you are enjoying your week, mine has been a roller coaster of events.  My sweet Grandma passed away at 98, I have had some physical challenges, and all the while work has been nonstop!  New students, adjustments, meetings - so many full days with long hours.  It will slow down a bit after next week (I am super optimistic).  It doesn't matter, I stay and work because we need to make sure every kid has what they need.  But, there are times when the best of our efforts are thwarted, and it is emotionally draining.  There hasn't been enough time between these events to return to center.  My dreams have been strange and unsettling. The mental filing cabinet has been stuffed closed for too many days.  I need to open it, take out each file, process it properly and return it neatly to the drawer.   Each requires time before they can be put to rest.  So this weekend, I am taking my time.  I will rest, listen to music, pray, watch some shows with Chich, cook some tasty meals and do laundry.  But mostly, just be.  I am so greatly blessed and for all of it I am thankful.  

Onto something that makes ALL of us happy - NEW FABRIC!   It is called "School Days."  It is bright, cheery and perfect for the special kid or baby in your life.  I have been brainstorming ideas for this group, here are a few!

#1 - Quilt Kits

There are six different quilt kit options from this group, each one is $27.99 which includes the fabric for the quilt top and pattern.  The Squares Galore Big Time Quilt Kit is $29.99, it also includes the binding.  

#2 - Strip Pack of 18 - 2 1/2" strips

This happy little roll would be perfect to make a strip race quilt.  I have done two blog posts on how to do it - click here and click here.  To make a strip race quilt, order this roll and 3/4 yd of another print.  This will give you 1/2 yard for the border and 1/4 of a yard to cut the two additional strips needed to make 20.  This is one of my favorite ways to make a baby quilt!  

#3 - Baby Bundles

There are 6 different baby bundle combinations available.  All bundles follow the A-OK formula for baby quilts, and contain four different half yard cuts.  Every bundle works perfectly with ANY A-OK baby pattern.  Not wanting to make a baby quilt?  A bundle is a nice stash builder.

#4 - Fat Quarters and Yardage


I still have a love for fat quarters!  Waterfall uses just 8 fat quarters and a border fabric, Snowball Ninepatch uses 7 fat quarters and a background print (you could get the fat quarter pack and purchase 7/8 yard of the swiss dot) OR just order the kit which includes the fabric for the quilt top and the pattern.  They are so versatile!  

After sharing these ideas, I feel like that Johnny in the Airplane movie - here is the clip, see if you agree:

Devon and Monkey Business are still on sale for a few more days - 25% off!

That is my sharing for this week.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  I would love to see your completed A-OK quilts and share them on the website, so feel free to send them my way.  Show and Tell is so much fun!

Until I talk with you again - enjoy every day!  
Tia (Susan)

Check us out on facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/QuiltinTiaQuiltworks

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

How to Live a Full Life

Grandma Temple last year in Julian , CA.
I learned from my grandmother that even though you get older, you are still the same person you always were.  One Sunday we were sitting in my kitchen, just chatting about family and life.  I remember telling her that when I was little, I thought when I was 26 (don't know why I chose that number) I would have it all figured out.  I pictured myself in my own apartment and a job that I loved.  Everything was in its place and perfect (think Mary Tyler Moore show).  I would know what to do , when to do it - be a grown up.  It would be figured out.  This led to a very difficult 27th birthday, but that is another story.

circa 1945, Clifford standing, holding mom

Grandma told me, "Things have changed and I have learned things, but I feel like the same person I was when I was 30."  That was interesting.

Everyone should be blessed to have a grandma that explains aging in such an open and honest way.  No question was ever too personal.  If we were curious, we would ask.

Grandma and Grandpa - I am thinking some time in the '40s
This week we are saying goodbye to my grandma.  She is 98, a strong 98.  I am a blessed girl to have my grandma this long.  She is an amazing woman: a strong, independent, stubborn woman.  All the reasons I love her.  The examples she set by living her life taught me so very much and contributed greatly to the woman I am today.

Grandma, me and Daddy, Thanksgiving 1967
On that note, I am approaching a big number year: the number year my grandma was when I was born.  I am reminded that I am still the same person.  The outside ages, but me - I am still the same.  I never knew my grandma up to the age I am today, but rather, watched her second half of life.  I, like my grandma, am the same person inside I was 20 years ago.  This is not to say life events and lessons are futile - quite the opposite.  I like to think they mold us and shape us to become more of who we were in the first place.  Grandma modeled life as an example.  I learned what I wanted in love and marriage from watching her and my grandfather.  My faith in God was planted by my grandmother, not by just going to church (which we did - a lot), but by her lessons and example.  She knew the bible and was able to use it to explain life as needed.  She gave me a great love of hymns and songs of worship.  Not to mention the baking, gardening, ballet, theater, and classical music.  Grandma loved life and enjoyed it.  I want to be like that when I grow up.

Visiting family in Houston, Christmas a few years ago
So I plan to live my life as my grandma did.  Love on family.  Be strong when it is needed.  Stay calm.  Be honest about your feelings.  Honor God in all you do.  Be thankful and content.  Go out with your friends and take those trips.  Do what you love doing.  Live.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Quiltin' Tia History - The last ten years

Hello again all my quilting lovelies out there.  Are you ready for some Quiltin' Tia history?  To understand where I am now, I think it is necessary.

Our San Diego house
Our house in Texas
Spring, 2005 - We move to Texas.  We had been slowly building our online website for five years.  We lived in a perfectly small (874 sq ft) 2 bedroom house, but our now teenage boys and growing business were making it impossible.  We knew moving was necessary!  The timing was perfect.  Addison would be a junior and would attend high school for the two years needed to be a resident for college (cha-ching).  We found a house online, mom checked it out, and we bought it sight unseen.  It had the needed storage/workroom for the business.  We still live in that house!

The Store - a bit of whimsy on the porch
Fall, 2005 - Michael and I start brainstorming about opening a storefront.  We researched, planned, and discussed.  We found a building down the street from our house (although we did look all around the area) and opened our little shop.  Many of you remember our store.  We made it a beautiful place that was an extension of our home.  We wanted our guests to feel welcomed and enjoy their time in our "fabricland."  We met wonderful people and loved what we were doing.

Spring, 2008 - The financial crisis is real.  The economy began slowing and cutbacks had to be made.  We made the difficult decision to close the storefront but continue online.  As many of you know, those were some scary times.  We made changes.  We found outside jobs and went back to school.

2008-2013 - These were lean, difficult years.  In 2013, Michael and I graduated and found jobs in our fields.  Michael is a respiratory therapist and I became a special education teacher.  I also continued on and earned my Masters degree.  I now work as a diagnostician.  We love what we do, truly.  But we always missed the shop.  It was a creative outlet for us both.

March 28, 2014 - I die.  Yes, die.  I suffered cardiac arrest in my classroom and by the swift and excellent skills of our crisis team on campus I am here now to tell about it.  AEDs save lives people.  Nothing could be found as a cause, but a defibrillator was "installed."  I was ordered to rest and recover.  Now, you know me, I am not a good patient.  I am not skilled at this thing called "rest," and my mind is in constant motion.

The five yard formula is born
Summer 2014 - Back in 2008 or 2009 while vending at market, a fellow vending friend made the comment, "You should come up with a line of patterns for five yard quilts!"  I thought it was a fabulous idea.  But, my life was crazy and it was on the back burner, really the deep freeze.  Now with no work or school I had time.  The project was exactly what I needed to occupy my brain.  A-OK was born.  My mind shifted to five yard bundles and their flexibility.  I was having a blast.

Super pumped to be bringing fabric back!
Today - Who is still reading this?  Wow.  Okay, so here we are today.  A-OK is now 21 patterns and 9 baby patterns.  And we have begun to grow our store again.  We are purchasing fabric groups.  We are planning on doing some quilt shows, guest speaking and workshops.  We are again having a blast.  Yes, we are keeping our day jobs, we love them.  But we also plan to continue to build Quiltin' Tia.  Attending events gives us what we were missing - YOU!  Connecting with quilters, planning projects, sharing stories - all the things we lost when we closed the shop and downsized online.

So, are you with us?  Are you ready?  If you have a quilt show and need a vendor, we would love to hear about it.  Does your quilt group or guild need a speaker/teacher for a workshop?  We would love to come meet you!  Also, expect some new fabric groupings and patterns as we continue to grow and share.  I have a few new ideas up my sleeve too... our creative outlet is back.

Email for workshops, presentations or vending opportunities - tia@quiltintia.com