Tuesday, July 12, 2016

New Fabric Groups and Free Pattern Offer

Hello all of my quilting buddies!  Summer has given me time to relax which leads to LOTS of quilting.  Here in Texas it is way too hot for me, so I tend to stay indoors.  No problem, I have lots to do!  I am working on two new patterns and have been fabric shopping. Both things I enjoy immensely!  Putting groups of different prints together is something I have always done.  Over the years, I have learned that many quilters like to have the guesswork removed, let me explain.  

You are in a shop and see a gorgeous quilt on the wall.  The colors, the design, it all works and is beautiful.  You want to make THAT quilt with THOSE fabrics.  Why?  There are many reasons.  Some quilters are not confident in their ability to choose fabrics, others simply want what they see since they know it is right and will look great.  No guesswork, right?  I do it too.  We have always been known at Quiltin' Tia for our quilt kits.  So, I am super happy and excited to share with you three new fabric groups just in.  The groupings follow the A-OK formula and will work with ANY of the five yard patterns.  And to introduce these new groupings we have a special deal:

Purchase any FIVE YARD BUNDLE and receive an A-OK PATTERN - FREE!

You pick the five yard bundle and then pick the pattern that you like or matches your skill level.  We have 19 different patterns from which to choose.  How will you tell us?  When checking out, simply write the pattern title in the comments box.  What if you forget?  Don't worry - we will email you.  

Now, here are the new groupings!  Remember, ANY of the 19 patterns will work with these groupings (I chose to show just a few).  I had so much fun putting these groups together; I hope you like them.

Fabric Bundles and Yardage Available - www.quiltintia.com
Fabric Bundles and Yardage available - www.quiltintia.com

Fabric Bundles and Yardage available - www.quiltintia.com
Monkey Business works as a baby bundle as well!  There are baby bundles available for purchase (four different half yard cuts will make any Baby A-OK quilt). Check out some of the possibilities below:

Not into the bundles but love the fabric?  No worries - the fabric is available for purchase as well.  

Well, how about that?  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  I would love to see your completed A-OK quilts and share them on the website, so feel free to send them my way.  Show and Tell is so much fun!

Until I talk with you again - enjoy every day!  I will be working on my new patterns to share with you soon!

Tia (Susan)