Monday, September 7, 2015

Zipper! A new A-OK 5 yard quilt pattern from Quiltin' Tia

Happy Labor Day!


Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer.  Back in the dark ages when I was a kid, we didn't start school until the Tuesday after Labor Day.  Of course now the kids have been back for two weeks and I was back the first part of August.  Either way, Labor Day means my favorite season is coming - FALL!  The pumpkins and decorations will come out and I am in my element.  Cooler days (thank goodness) and before I know it Halloween will be here (so excited).

For now, summer has come and gone.  Our vacations are over and we are done hosting visiting family and friends.  For now, I am returning to the routine of work, cooking and cleaning that makes the weeks whiz by so quickly.   Before I know it Christmas will be here with family returning and lots of memory making.  

New A-OK Pattern!

ZIPPER - New A-OK Pattern


So... what do you think of the new pattern?  Sometimes it is fun to do a row quilt instead of the usual blocks.  For me it is a nice change-up.  Instead of doing blocks and then piecing those together, I do a row and sew it to the quilt.  It grows and when the rows are done - so is the quilt!  I think of it as switching up things, like driving a new way home.   Variety people!  The piecing is super easy and very little matching is involved (bonus).   The pattern uses the A-OK method of choosing 5 one yard cuts to make the quilt and finishes 58" x 68". 

The pattern can be ordered through our website.   


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Until I talk with you again - enjoy every day!  JOY!


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