Sunday, January 22, 2017

New Fabric - Dutch Treat

Hello All My Quilting Lovelies!  I am excited to share this new fabric with you.  I have long loved designs similar to the one shown here.  I wouldn't always call it Dutch, but more European.  The simplicity, colors and movement appeal to my sense of style.  Here are a few more examples of items I remember through the years:
These are both pillows from Ikea.  I wanted them immediately!  Someday when I grow up I will embroider again.  For now I can appreciate other people's work.  

So when this new fabric group Dutch Treat came out, I was super excited!  Now I could have these vibrant colors and designs in FABRIC!  I have had fun playing with the prints and plugging them into the A-OK designs.

Don't you just love it?  Clean, crisp, bright.  When you purchase the five yard bundle, you can choose any A-OK Pattern for free!  If you are stumped and not sure which pattern to use, I have done up a few samples below to give you inspiration.  We have yardage, bundles and kits available.  

Of course ANY of the A-OK patterns will work with the group, I have just featured a few.  I hope you all are enjoying a brand new year and celebrating everyday!