Sunday, March 26, 2023

Finding Time to be CREATIVE

Finding Time to Be Creative

My first two completed blocks of the Everglow Quilt

This is a huge challenge for me personally. While my brain is constantly thinking about new ideas, I do not have the time to develop them and they often never leave the "I need to work on that more" phase. Why? Because like many of you, I work full time at a very demanding job that usually takes up 50-60 hours a week. That leaves evenings and weekends, but that time is used to "run" Quiltin' Tia, not "create" Quiltin' Tia.

The last few months have given me ice days and post tornado days. I am forever grateful. I wear a watch that tracks my heart rate and was reviewing it one morning and saw period of days that dipped. Guess when it was? The week we were off work. No one had expected we would be out an entire week and I did not bring any work home. Each day we waited to hear and each day it was extended. The gift of an unplanned day lowered my heart rate. I need to learn from that.

I need to schedule time with my sewing
machine.  If not I will never get to it.  
That ice week I made two quilt tops and created two patterns. It truly was a gift of time and a release from my routine. Did I get laundry done and cook - of course! Did I clean, absolutely. But the demands on my time were gone. There was no reason to leave the house, we couldn't. It was wonderful. And I learned that I need to, at least every few months, schedule a time where there are no demands. I am planning a week like this in June.

But what do I do now? It isn't June and I can't bottle up until then. I find little bits of time here and there. I sketch all the time while I wait. I do not wait well, so letting myself be creative keeps me from getting frustrated that I am wasting time (a huge pet peeve). Below are some ideas that may help you find that time to create a new project, develop an idea, or find a solution to something that has been troubling you.

I love baseball and will sew while watching

Schedule time for creativity: Just like any other appointment or commitment, schedule time for your creative work on your calendar. This will help you prioritize it and make it a regular part of your routine.

  1. Wake up earlier: Getting up earlier than usual can give you extra time to focus on your creative projects before the rest of your day begins.

  2. Make use of downtime: Look for opportunities to be creative during your downtime, such as waiting in line, commuting, or during lunch breaks. You can use this time to sketch, write, or brainstorm ideas.

  3. Limit distractions: Try to eliminate distractions during your creative time by turning off your phone or notifications, closing your email inbox, and finding a quiet space to work.

  4. Set realistic goals: Setting small, achievable goals can help you make progress on your creative projects and stay motivated.

Remember, being creative doesn't always require large blocks of uninterrupted time. By incorporating small pockets of creative time into your day, you can nurture your creativity and make progress on your projects. I can't wait until June to make a quilt, so finding little bits of time here and there can help me get the job done!