Monday, June 8, 2015

A-OK Patterns GO BABY!

Super excited.... super excited.... super excited!

When I asked my quilting buddies what they were wanting to see in patterns, the answer that came back more than any other - fast and easy baby quilts.  I have a love for baby quilts.  Here are a few of the reasons:
  • Baby fabrics are so stinkin' cute
  • Baby quilts make the best shower gifts EVER!
  • Since they are small, they are super quick
  • I can quilt that little guy on my own machine
  • Did I mention they are super quick?  Yes, well worth mentioning again
 So my little brain when to work.  How could I incorporate the A-OK method into baby quilts?  After a bit of playing, I came up with the following:


Pick 4 different half yard cuts and you have a quilt top - BOOM!

Start with a cute novelty print.  Next choose a light, a medium and a dark.

Again, like with the other A-OK patterns, you can use ANY pattern for the same yardage.

It was fun for me to pull the fabrics for the samples, I love bright cheery stuff.  It was also easy because all I needed was 1/2 yard to get going.  Those little pieces in my stash that were too small before were perfect here.  Next step was to hit my solids and coordinating prints and pull it together.  Play time in the fabric is always a good time!

So, to begin, there are six patterns.  Here they are!

Baby Links - 39" x 43"
Baby Chevron - 40" x 37"

Baby Links is one of the first ones I did.  Super easy blocks (strip pieced of course) make a puzzle/light switch pattern. 

Chevrons are super hot right now, which is why I did it in the lap size A-OK pattern.  But they are really hot for babies!  This one scales down that pattern in size and fabrics to create a special quilt for any baby!

Baby Monkey Business

This one is a rework of a fat quarter pattern I did called Monkey Business.  It is a great pattern on its own, but I wanted to transform it into the 4 - 1/2 yard rule.  It worked!

Baby Trellis - 34" x 43"

Another simple block!  Sew smaller squares onto a larger square and voile!  This one gives a diagonal feel without being on point.

Baby Checkers - 42" x 42"

This one puts the focus fabric IN the quilt block.  I like the window pane effect which gives it some dimension without making it hard.

Baby Kissing Frogs - 39" x 39"

When I first looked at this one all I saw were squares kissing.  They sort of looked like frogs.  Yes, I am nuts (don't ink blot analyze me here).  Easy strip pieced blocks that give an off center, crazy look.

I have paired up some fabric bundles that are available on the website for purchase.  Any set of fabric will make any of the quilts.  I also put some on the kits page so you can see them in the pattern if that is easier for you. 

Ta Dah!  I know many of you do not like the black/white mock ups, but I do it so YOU can envision your fabrics in the quilt.  But, for all of us that like pretty pictures, here are some of the samples I did:

Baby Checkers
Baby Trellis
Baby Chevron

Baby Links
Baby Monkey Business

Baby Kissing Frogs

I hope you see something you like!  I am always trying out new ideas that fit the A-OK and Baby A-OK formula.  This is just the beginning!  As always, I look forward to your comments and feedback.  Happy Quilting my friends!

Tia (Susan)